The World According to Maiden Fair

Blizzard 2011

On February 1, 2011 it started to snow – it snowed for 24 hours sometimes at the rate of nearly 2 inches an hour.  The visibility was close to zero and people were warned to stay in their homes and off the roads, but of course there is a certain segment of the population that can’t or won’t listen to reason, which puts others at risk.  We were hard hit for our area – our normal snowfall is 2-4 inches with a lot of frigid wind behind it.  This time we got between 16 and 22 inches with a lot of frigid wind with and behind it.

Depth of the snow in our front yard

The depth of the drift in front of our garage door and our front door and actually around our house.

One view of our back yard

Another view from the back door

Looking toward our left neighbor’s yard – there really is a rail road tie wall under that drift of snow.

Believe if or not – our front steps are under all of that!!

Beginning the long chore of digging out.

The front view from the end of our driveway

My poor baby

Driving out through the banks of snow.

Drifts along Interstate 80

More of the road out of our country addition

My Grandson’s old school

My granddaughter’s playing in the snow.