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Storm of 2008

The 21st of July 2008 – some pictures from around the Quad-Cities of the Damage caused by the great storm. These are some of the lesser damage as a lot of areas we couldn’t get into.

Trees down by the airport in Moline.

Flicks near the airport in Moline lost the shingles from the roof and a window from their display

Trees uprooted by Southpark Mall.

I don’t think anyone is going to be using this ATM machine in Southpark Mall any time soon.

The Sign for the A & W came down in the storm.

John Deere Road was closed for days due to downed high Tension wires over the road. Notice the lost sign and the bent backplates on the stoplights.

Sexton Ford lost several plate glass windows in the front of their showroom.

Fallen tree on the power lines on Coal Town Road in Moline.

Street blocked by downed trees just of 19th Street in Moline.

Stephen’s Park, one of the favorite parks of the little girls – now covered with debris from the storm.

Mangled Tree alone 7th Street in Moline.

Pine tree uprooted in a trailer park in Coal Valley

Tree down on a power line just south of Coal Valley.

Damage to the corn crop off highway 150 near Sunny Hill.

The leaning power pole of Sunny Hill!!

Several branches from the tree in their side yard landed on the front of this house in Sunny Hill.

Large portion of a tree was torn loose and fell on this house in Coal Valley.

The top of this old blue spruce was ripped off and flung to the gound in the parking Lot of a church in Coal Valley.

This shed ended up wrapped around a tree outside of Coal Valley!

This very large tree was uprooted taking out at least 3 poles and the power to many businesses and homes when it fell.

This is the rest of the above tree. As you can see the door to the apartment complex (white on left side of picture) is still blocked by the tree.