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Where do they go?

Filed under: Maiden's World,World of pet peeves — August 31, 2010 @ 2:04 pm

Have you ever had one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong, you couldn’t find anything, everything upset you, and all you really wanted to do was go back to bed and pull the covers over your head. Well let me tell you I’ve had one of THOSE summers. I am making a wolf quilt for my granddaughter – and I ran out of material before I finished the squares – and of course the local quilt stores don’t have any left. Hours later I found the material – and 3 different online shops in 3 different states from Vermont to Washington. I finally got all the material in, but I had to clear the table to stretch and sandwich a quilt so I could quilt it. After that was done something else grabbed my attention and when I finally got back to the wolf quilt, I couldn’t find the last piece of fabric that had come in. I spent 4 hours searching for it – finally found it – where else but on the stack of shop hop fabric I have in the sewing room.

I had the pieces to my second doll house ready to put the frame together and I can’t find one small section of the wall the makes the window hole. I had it along with the other two – all glued and clamped – now I have the clamps and the boards that I clamped it to, but I do not have the piece of wall. I’ve emptied every trash bin, sorted through every drawer, every box, every basket, crate and carton in the work rooms along with everything in the rest of the basement and have still come up with nothing. I’m going to continue to work on the house and just pray that eventually the piece shows up.

You know those rubber circles you use in the kitchen to enhance your grip so you can open jars? Well, I found little ones you use for pulling the needle through the quilt layers. They came 3 to a package. I was so excited because they actually work. Then one day I was down to 2 of them – one had disappeared. Then I was down to 1 and I couldn’t find the others anywhere. I finally found one stuck beside the seat of my favorite chair so I felt a bit more confident that I wouldn’t be without this handy little tool. Well in the mean time – I’ve cleaned the living room, cleared off my table, washed windows and swept – still not finding the third little gripper. Then yesterday I was sitting in my favorite chair with my lap full of quilt and I looked over and there is the third little gripper, clinging to the side of a little box my granddaughter had given me. Now how could I have missed that in all the cleaning!! I know it wasn’t there before.

Now my question today is – – Where do all these little things go – my yard of material, my little gripper, the piece of wood, the thimble, the screwdriver, the measuring spoon, the keys and all the other little things that go missing – and then suddenly appear – right where you have already looked at least a hundred times!! I don’t know but I sure would like to find out so I could locate these things with a lot less hassle and frustration – and certainly a lot less headache!

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