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Welcome To
The Castle Conservatory

In the castles of old, more romantic trysts took place in the conservatory than in any other room. It was a secluded hideaway with benches hidden behind the shrubs and flowers. Our conservatory is where you will find ideas for bringing more romance into your life.

In Webster's dictionary, one of the definitions for romance is to be imaginative. I believe that imagination can create an atmosphere that will draw people together. This is not limited to courting couples, but entire families.

Now I don't want to hear that you don't have any imagination. I'll help you out. Don't shrug and say you're not romantic!!! With a little effort, everyone can become a romantic. Maybe your significant other already is a romantic. He or she needs to have that romantic impulse fed. Guess who gets the job!!!!!!!

Now, romance isn't just for the newly-wed or the dating couple. Romance is a way of life that can and should be introduced into the home at all times. Romancing the home is a beautiful way to live.

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