The World According to Maiden Fair

Around St Augustine

St Augustine is the oldest city in the United States – Williamsburg is the oldest city in the origional English Colonies – but St Augustine was settled by the Spanish much earlier than Williamsburg. It was origionally a walled city with a drawbridge. The bridge was drawn up at night and if you were not in the city when the gates were closed you had to spend the night outside with the wild animals, bugs and hostile English – or French as the case might be.

City Gates
The gates of St Augustine. At one point the city fathers wanted to tear down the gates, but the women of the DAR dressed in period costume put themselves between the gates and the wrecking crew until the powers that be backed down and aloud the gates to remain.

Spanish Quarter
Spanish Quarter – a view of how the common people of St Augustine lived and worked.

Oldest house in St Augustine
This is the oldest house still standing in St Augustine. It was built after the siege of 1702 and before 1720 when the records show a child born in the house. The house was the home of the main character in the book “Maria” written by Eugenia Price. The book is based on the life of this real woman of early St Augustine.

The Courtyard of the Oldest House

The Rose House
This is the Rose House taken from it’s courtyard. This is the house where Napoleon’s Great Grand Nephew Lived with his new wife.

crooked house
This house was also in Old St Augustine and I loved it because it was so crooked – kind of like the nursery rhyme.

Ponce De Leon Landing
This is the supposed landing place of Ponce De Leon on the grounds of the Fountain of Youth Park.

St Augustine Lighthouse on Anastasia Island.