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Murder in the MidWest

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February 20, 2005

Where has the time gone – it seems like just yesterday I was walking in the woods under a canopy of brightly colored foilage and thinking that life simply couldn’t get any better. The weather was simply ideal – the view was glorious and I was content with my world. Then winter came and I feel like I’m trapped in the house with the four walls closing in around me.

Christmas came and went – with it’s usual assorted hassles. I don’t particularly like Christmas as it is celebrated. Although I did go to Christmas Eve Service this year at my new church and it was simply wonderful. The church is housed in the old YWCA building downtown and in addition to the gynmasium that they use for service, there is a library across the hall. This library boasts a very large fireplace. On Christmas Eve a hugh fire burned in the fireplace and candles were to be found on every open space available. We all sat in a semi-circle around the fireplace and sang the old carols and basked in the warmth and cosyness of the atmosphere. I loved it – believe me it truly was one of the highlights of me day. The other one was when my husband gave me a Cannon Rebel Digital camera for Christmas. I was totally flabergasted. I’m still learning to use it, but I think I have most of the features figured out. It will take some Spring Photo Shoots to get it all sorted out. Hopefully I will be able to go out Eagle shooting soon. I wanted to go this week, but came down with the flu – so it had to be postponed. We can’t delay too much longer for the eagles will be heading back north soon.

I have started quilting again. I had several quilts that I had started and not finished and wanted to complete them. Then I found a couple of online groups of quilters and joined one – they make a mystery quilt. Inspector’s Club is turning out to be a lot of fun. I also found a couple of block of the month clubs and I am diligently working on those. When you have all month to do one block you have a lot of time to do other things. I’m also working on my own creation called Butterfly Dance, one entitled Whole Heart, and my Perenial – Friends and Family Quilt. Don’t know if I will ever be able to finish it as the family keeps growing, and friends are added to the mix. I just remembered that I hadn’t asked my sister in law for a square, and I discovered all my classmates at the class reunion, and then there are the cousins I’ve discovered who want to contribute, not to mention 4 of my grandchildren who weren’t here when I was working on it before – got my work cut out for me! If you would like to take a peek at my quilts, I have pictures posted in The Quilt Room.

The winter really hasn’t been all that bad here, I know it has been horrible in other areas of the country but we have so far escaped with mild temperatures and far more rain that snow. It is raining today and if this were snow we would be under at least a foot of it. So I’m very greatful for the warmer than normal temperatures and the lower than normal snowfall, but I’m still looking forward expectantly to Spring when I can get outside and still be warm, when there are living, growing plants and animals to examine, when I can feel the warm breeze on my face and hear the bird song and the wind in the leaves. I am not a winter kind of girl – I am definitly a fair weather girl and proud of it!

We have not escaped scandel here this winter and I am horrified by the murder of a 16 year old girl by two other 16 year olds who then tried to burn the body and ended up cutting her up and dumping her in my favorite hiking area. Makes me wonder how I’ll feel in the spring when I go back there. The case has made the national news and people magazine, and I can’t believe this is happening in this little backwater place that I live. I mean here, a traffic jam means two combines and a tractor on the road – or they are working on the I-74 bridge – it certainly isn’t a run of the mill everyday thing. We can sit out in our yard at 2 AM and not worry about anything because the only thing out there are the rabbits and the deer. I can go shopping alone at 3 AM in the grocery store that stays open 24 hours, because nothing ever happens in this quiet little place. I’ve lived here longer than I’ve ever lived anywhere and I love it here. I am angry at this stupid kids for what they’ve done. For in addition to cutting off the life of a lovely young girl out of spite or jealousy or whatever excuse they had, they destroyed their own lives. They also shattered the peace and innocence of a quiet place – a shelter in the midst of the chaos of the world around us. They brought the darkness and the terror into this place and that is not easy to live with. WHY??? Why did they do this? I don’t think we will ever know the truth, but I do believe that our lives will never be quite the same. I’m not so stuck in the mud that I can’t change – I’ve embrased the 21st century with open arms. Computers, DVDs, cell phones, the internet and all, I’m not opposed to change – you have to change and adapt to survive, to grow to continue. But this change I don’t believe we will ever adapt to – I certainly don’t want to adapt to it. I don’t want to become so cold and callous that this type of behavior becomes blase. I don’t want to lose my horror of this but at the same time, I don’t want to have to deal with it. I don’t want to have to make changes in my life style and my behavior because of this. IT’S NOT FAIR!! I want to feel safe taking my quiet solitary walks in quiet out of the way places. I don’t want to have to take other people with me to ensure my safety. I want to be what I have always been and do what I’ve always enjoyed doing. Is it selfish to want my way of life that has served me so well in the past to continue into my forseeable future?

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