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In between Winter And Spring!

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It’s that time of year when Mother Nature just can’t make up her mind from minute to minute if it is spring or winter.  In the last few days we’ve had some beautiful sunny days with temps in the low 50s and we’ve had fog and freezing rain with snow and sleet and all that goes with it.  It makes for interesting living I guess, but I never know how to dress in the morning – do I drag out the sweats and the heavy overcoat and snow boots, or can I get by with my light slacks and a cotton turtleneck and a sweater or blazer.  Who knows – the weather could change at noon and we could have 4 inches of snow by  dinner time.   ***SIGH***  At least it is March and we know Spring is coming.  The Blizzard snow from February is all gone – melted off in that record 64 degree temp two weeks ago.  So no I’m not complaining – just making an observation.  I can for the most part drive out without risking sliding off the road into the ditch or watching someone else do said action.  I’m looking forward to walks in the park.  Letterboxing with the girls.  Photoshoots with whoever is game to go or by myself if no one is up for it.

I have been working hard on quilts – the Ladybug Garden Table Topper is almost done – just have to add the buttons and will do the photographs and post it.  My friend and I sandwiched the wolf quilt and my Aztec Dreams quilt and I’ve started the quilting on the wolf quilt – I finished all the squares for my Thimbleberries Village Green Quilt – now I just need to do the last two borders and the piecing is done there.  I’ve set aside my Mariners Compass quilt for a bit as I’m working on a German braid wall hanging – and I’m really excited about it.  I have the braids about done – although I may make them just a few inches longer – and I wanted to put something on the plain strips that separate them.  Thought at first it would be the old braided dolls I used to make.  but then I discovered Kanzashi folded fabric flowers and I fell in love with them.

They are actually easy to make.  I’m going to teach my granddaughter to make them tonight and hopefully we can make some for in her hair too.

February’s list of book reads was rather short for me.  Just didn’t seem to have time to read as much as I usually do for some reason – or maybe I struggled with one or two of the books and it took longer – I really don’t know.

The Tale of Apple Beck Orchard by Susan Wittig Albert
The Long Quiche Goodbye by Avery Ames
Dolled Up for Murder by Deb Baker
The Single Girl’s Guide to Murder by Joanne Meyer
Red Delicious Death by Sheila Connolly

Of course Susan Wittig Albert is a long time favorite author and I have read nearly all her books and this one does not disappoint.   It is another fun adventure into the world of the people and animals of the Lake District of England circa 1910.  Deb Baker was a new read and I Very much enjoyed the book – I already have the second book in this series.  Joanne Meyer was also new and this book was a very funny look at the life of a single girl in New York who gets involved in murder and mayhem.  Sheila Connolly is an old friend by now and I very much enjoyed this read – and she fooled me!!  I didn’t expect the ending and that is very hard to do.  As for Avery Ames and the Long Quiche Goodbye – I personally had a very hard time getting interested in the book.  I did finish it and I’d have to read it again to figure it all out – just my personal opinion.

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