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Groundhog day Recap

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Well it is February 3rd – the day after groundhog day and the prognostication is for 6 more weeks of winter!! It was dark and dreary and snowing yesterday, but that little old groundhog managed to see his shadow – did someone use a flashlight to show him the way?? I didn’t get to go to Quilter’s Guild yesterday because of the snow – no we didn’t get a foot – we only got about an inch – but when you are terrified of falling because of knee surgery – well you don’t go where there might be icy or slippery walking – and lets face it – no one is going to pay to have a parking lot plowed for less than 3 inches of snow. So hopefully we will make in it March and maybe by then I will have a completed project to share.

My current project is a mystery quilt from the inspector’s club group – it’s supposed to be a Valentine Wall hanging but I will probably not complete it by Valentine’s day but I do have two sets of blocks finished.

These are Single Irish Chain Blocks

These are applique Heart blocks

There is one more set of blocks due in this week, and then the assembly and quilting – so hopefully it will be done by the March Quilt meeting.

I did much better with my reading in January – there wasn’t much else to do, and I was off the pain meds so I could actually remember what I was reading!!

Running Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz
Mistaken Identity by Lisa Scottoline
Knitting Bones by Monica Ferris
Dead Men Don’t Crochet by Betty Hechtman
Mariner’s Compass by Earlene Fowler
Fleece Navidad by Maggie Sefton
The Secret Wedding by Jo Beverley
Cockatiels at Seven by Donna Andrews
Died in the Wool by Rett MacPherson

I enjoyed all the reads – most of them were by old favorite authors. “Mariner’s Compass” stands out this month because it was so different from the previous books in the series – delving into a family mystery instead of a crime – excellent story. Of course “Died in the Wool” is another great fun story in the life of Torie O’Shea and “Cockatiels at Seven” is just a lot of fun. The new author that I read for the first time was Lisa Scottoline – she wrote an intriguing story that truly kept the pages turning and the what if possibilities and if only scenarios filling your mind.

Today I need to finish up the Little Princess Calendars – I know I’m late but I do have a valid excuse – you can’t make competent decisions on pain meds and you can’t type either!! Hubby is taking me to the mall to walk. Speaking of the mall – our’s is half empty – I don’t ever remember seeing so many empty or uselessly filled storefronts in my life – not even when things were so bad around here in the mid 1980’s. Whole wings of the mall are totally devoid of stores, there are stores with going out of business sales, and many are filled with tax preparation places so they will be empty in a couple of months – and I mean how many cell phone stores do you really need in the mall – 10 seems a little bit excessive to me. And when there is no place to buy a hamburger and fries in an American mall things have really gone beyond the pale!!

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  1. MaidenFair:

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    Shelley Tatum I wondered that same thing.
    9 hours ago 路

    Sharon Fillmer It is magical, i think they are called spotlights 馃檪 馃檪 That’s alright, we here in the midwest can take it. We won’t like it but we are strong and can take it.
    8 hours ago 路

    Sharon Fillmer Kathleen, how are you coming along? Are you walking pretty good now.?????
    8 hours ago 路

    Kathleen Doutt Ward Hi Sharon, I’m doing pretty good – no more Physical Therapy and I walked nearly a mile today in a little over 20 minutes which is the best I’ve done in nearly 3 years – Yippie!! Looking forward to hikes and picnics and trips to the zoo!!
    7 hours ago 路

    Sharon Fillmer Way to go Kathy, and hopefully we will be able to start getting together again. We just need to get Jules better now. Jane is doing pretty good. I am getting excited to see everyone, it seems like it has been ages and ages. love ya gal
    6 hours ago 路

    Julie Hinds Mott Hi, Kathy and Sharon!! And congratulations, Kathy, on your walking a mile in 20 min. I’m walking two laps at the mall each day except on warmer sunny days when I try to walk outside. I’ve walked a lot with my son, so he’s helping me pick up the pace a bit. I still have a lot of pain and go to the dr. Friday. I think the pain should be gone by …
    See More
    6 hours ago 路

    Kathleen Doutt Ward Getting together would be wonderful!! I’m trying to get my life back and get out more – so looking forward to spring. Julie so glad to hear you are feeling better and will be praying about your pain and your visit to the Doctor on Friday. I’m up for a lunch bunch date any time!! LOL
    6 hours ago 路

    Julie Hinds Mott Me, too! Pain or no pain. At least I can drive now that I’m off the strong pain pills. Who’s going to try to decide a date and place to meet?
    6 hours ago 路

    Sharon Fillmer Let’s check with Jane and Maureen
    6 hours ago 路

    Sharon Fillmer I just sent them both a message so we will see what we can come up with. It could just be the three of us. I am ok with that also.
    6 hours ago 路

    Sharon Fillmer Hey you guys, how about Friday the 19th Granite City?? Noon?? Mo is free from noon to 2:15.
    4 hours ago 路

    Kathleen Doutt Ward Friday the 19th at noon is great with me!!
    2 hours ago 路

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