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Life does go on

Filed under: Maiden's World,Tragedys in my World — February 15, 2008 @ 4:46 pm

When tragedy strikes, we think that life can’t possibly go on. The world has to stop, we have to get off. Tragedy struck yesterday in a small Illinois town when for no explicable reason, someone carried 3 guns onto Northern Illinois University’s campus and fired close to 50 rounds into a lecture hall, killing 5 and wounding 17 more, and then killing himself. Why?? So far they have no idea. He was on Medication but he quit taking them. So what drove a highly intelligent, award winning graduate student to terrorize the students on a campus where he no longer attended? So far there are no answers.

But life does go on. Students, parents, grandparents, faculty and staff have to pick up the pieces of the tragedy and move on. They won’t do it today or tomorrow or even next week, it may take months before some of them can move on. They did nothing to bring this on themselves, they are innocent bystanders, the ones who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were there to attend class, to gain the knowledge they needed to gain their degree so they can realize their dreams, and for 5 of them at least, their dreams are shattered into dust, for the 17 or 18 wounded, they may not be able to realize their dreams either, and why? Why should so many lose so much because of one man who went off his meds. Was it the condition that he needed the meds for that caused the problem, or was it the reaction to going off the meds that caused the problem? Will we ever know? He killed himself in the aftermath. Did he realize with horror what he had done? Or was it all a part of his “Grand Plan” from the beginning. We will probably never know as the one who knew is dead. Did he leave a note, I don’t know – The authorities aren’t saying.

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  1. ladie Mikala:

    I don’t live to far from NIU. I live in kane county IL. This has been very sad around here, Since half the kids that go to NIU, live near us..
    our paryers go to all the family and staff.

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